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Under Construction: Chene St. Bridge

Under Construction: Gratiot Ave. Bridge

Chene St. Bridge Demolition

Gratiot Ave Bridge Demolition

MDOT hosted an Open House with information on the Chene Bridge Project.

Detroit residents learn about the construction of Gratiot bridge and the demolition of other pedestrian bridges at Open House.

Detroit residents review conditions of I-94 Advanced Bridges that are scheduled for reconstruction.

Residents of District 3 in Detroit discuss proposed modifications for the I-94 project.

District 4 community residents shared information about their preferences along the 6.7 mile section of the freeway.

Small businesses team with prime contractors to gain pre-qualification credentials.

Take a look at the future of the I-94 Modernization Project, including bike paths and pedestrian walkways as seen here.

The newly constructed Trumbull Ave Bridge combines safety with modern design.

The Van Dyke Ave bridge was rebuilt and widened in 2013.

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