Proposed Modifications

In summer 2015, MDOT hosted open houses in Detroit where public comments focused primarily on local neighborhood connectivity. MDOT discussed the comments with the Detroit department of planning and development and the Detroit department of engineering, that shared the city’s vision for neighborhood mobility and assisted in making connectivity improvements over the freeway. Working together, they developed a series of proposed project modifications that:

  • Do not expand the footprint of the freeway.
  • Make better use of existing city streets as local connections instead of building new, continuous service drives adjacent to the freeway as proposed in the original plan.
  • Modify local access ramps to and from I-94, M-10 and I-75.
  • Add “Complete Streets” bridges to provide multi-modal access, making them user-friendly for cars, bikes and pedestrians with wider walkways/paths separated from traffic and landscaping.

The DSEIS, published in August 2019, studies the effects of these proposed modifications.