Contractor Opportunities

Industry Outreach Event Targets SBEs

We all know that the design and construction of Michigan's roads and bridges require precision and expertise, but how does a new company gain that kind of experience to compete for State contracts? It's a dilemma that MDOT addressed by creating the Small Business Enterprise Training Program. SBEs work collaboratively with prime contractors on State of Michigan projects, gaining design, construction engineering and inspection experience, all of which are precursors to meet MDOT prequalification requirements. Today, the program has become the first and most successful mentor-protégé coaching module in the country.

Interested? Take a look at the Dec 9, 2020 Industry Outreach Presentation to learn more about the best practices model, and how to join an increasingly successful alumnae of design and construction entrepreneurs.  Q & A     Attendee List


On Monday, December 9, 2020 from Noon to 1:30 pm the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) hosted a virtual Industry Outreach Event followed by Small Business Matchmaking Session(s) from 1:40 pm to 4:00 pm. In addition to informing the industry about this upcoming freeway construction package, this virtual event provided industry partners with more information on upcoming I-94 Freeway Segment 3, Package 1, Burns to Barrett consultant design opportunities for MDOT service prequalified consultants and non-prequalified small businesses.

MDOT plans to issue design RFPs that will require consultant participation in MDOT’s Mentor/Protégé program to support meaningful small business participation on this upcoming work. Additionally, there is significant Advanced Bridges construction work within the five-year plan. See attached I-94 Project information sheet for additional information on the scope and timing of upcoming opportunities.

Thank you in advance for your interest in the upcoming I-94 Modernization Project contracting opportunities. Any questions should be emailed to:

MDOT Senior Project Manager
Terry Stepanski, PE
Email: [email protected]

I-94 Segment 3, Package 1, Burns to Barrett Project

Project Description

Report Period: October-2020

Project Scope: Reconstruction and widening of I-94, from Burns Street to Barret Avenue including the I-94/Gratiot (M-3), I-94/French, and I-94/Conner Avenue interchanges; the Conner Creek Greenway, and bridge replacements at Conner Street, Rohns Avenue, Lemay Street, Malcom Avenue Walkover; and a new bridge for the Conner Creek Greenway. MDOT plans to procure Design Services for this Project under three separate RFPs. RFP#1 for Combined Freeway and Local Streets Design including Mentor / Protégé Contract (Tier III), RFP#2 for Bridge Design Contract (Tier III), and RFP#3 for up to 10 Small Business Design Support Services Contracts (Tier I).


JN 202543
Reconstruction and widening of 1.9 miles of I-94, from Burns Street to Barret Avenue including the I-94/Gratiot (M-3), I-94/French, and I-94/Conner Avenue interchanges and the Conner Creek Greenway.

Programmed Construction Cost
129153 & 202121 $308,000,000
129153 & 202121 $308,000,000
Anticipated Schedule
Issue Request for Proposals (RFP) January 2021
RFP Due February 2021
Anticipated Design Contract Award June 2021
Anticipated Construction Letting October 2023
Project Attributes

JN 210984, 210985, 210986, 210987, 210988, & 210989

Bridge replacements over I-94 including Conner St., Rohns Ave., Barrett Ave., Lemay St., Malcom Ave. Walkover, and a new structure for the Conner Creek Greenway

Anticipated Primary Professional Service*
RFP #1: Design – Roadway: Complex
RFP #2: Design – Bridges, Design – Bridges Complex Anticipated Schedule
RFP #3: None for SBE Support Services
Anticipated Secondary Professional Service Prequalification*

RFP #1: Design Geotechnical: Advanced, Design – Hydraulics II, Design – Utilities: Municipal, Design – Utilities, Roadway Lighting, Design – Traffic: Capacity & Geometric Analysis, Design – Traffic: Pavement Markings, Design – Traffic: Safety Studies, Design – Traffic: Signal, Design – Traffic Signal Operations – Complex, Design – Traffic: Signing – Non-Freeway, Design – Traffic: Signing – Freeway, Design – Traffic: Work Zone Maintenance of Traffic, Design – Traffic: Work Zone Mobility & Safety, Surveying: Road Design, Surveying: Structure, Surveying: Right of Way

RFP #2: Design – Bridge: Load Rating, Design Roadway: Intermediate, Design Geotechnical: Advanced

* The anticipated prequalification requirements listed are subject to change. Additional prequalification classification(s) may be included in the RFQ and RFP.